Conflict Dialogue

About the project

The Conflict Dialogue Project supports a culture of resolving conflicts non-violently in all sections of society. Since 2010, it is financed by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Currently, the project partners are from Germany, Moldova, Ukraine, and Kyrgystan.

Our arena

The dialogue concept is based on the Hamburg approach of human communication that aims at the four basic realms of life and work: at facts, actions, interpersonal relations, and the individual inner experiences. Thus, conflict dialogue addresses controversial facts, disruptive actions, conflicting relationships, and inauthentic experiences - issues that should be clarified and resolved in a holistic manner. Disturbing interactions based on problematic knowing and feeling, acting, and building social relationships are to be transformed and integrated.

The Team

Old and young,
practitioners and academics, 
women and men
from different professions 
and regions  

The project has been running for over 12 years. This requires continuous cooperation between project members from the regions involved. Therefore, at least one person in each regional team is committed to participating for several years and carrying out responsibly the joint project activities.